playing with ideas, words and numbers

Making the Impossible Possible


"You can live in the past, you can survive the present, but it's about time to shape the future." Elmar

Swiss innovative all-rounder Elmar Mock is best known for his co-invention of the best-selling Swatch wristwatch, which revolutionised watchmaking and revitalised the Swiss watch industry. However, the plastic welding techniques that the inventor first employed on the Swatch also became the building blocks of an entire "innovative factory" – Mock's first company Creaholic – that churns out novel inventions by the hundreds.

Mock-Kett, Mock's most recent company was born out of the realization that for a product or a concept to succeed in our world of today,

you need three things:

An Idea, a Story and Finance.

A good product without a story is just a great idea.
A good story without a product is just a good story.
A good story about a great product with the right financing is a success story in the making.
In order for a project to succeed you have to tell the story of the idea in order to find the Finance.

Mock-Kett  is the combining of three forces with the aim of finding solutions

and thereby creating new ideas, concepts and products.